What is a tachistoscope?

A tachistoscope is an instrument designed to show visual images of objects (like products, advertisements, logos, packages) for short or very short time periods. At the classic tachistoscope-test at a test studio the respondents see the motive within a projection apparatus three times (standard projection time very short/ short /1 second). After each projection recognized advertisement-elements are measured.

With the virtual tachistoscope-test we program a similar environment within an online-questionnaire. With the following demo-version you can experience our virtual tachistoscope with different projection timings yourself! This demonstration is only available as a German language version, but the productive tool is also available in other languages.

Why tachistoscope tests?

Within the advertisement-research the tachistoscope test is used by market research institutes to measure

  • effects of the perception-time on the recalled elements,
  • the process of perception for a given advertisement material and
  • the emotional effects of advertisements or banners.

With this instrument you can test advertisements by variation of perception time and later ask for the effects. The typical short contacts with advertisements can be simulated this way. The advertiser gets important hints what details within an advertisement or a banner are seen and intellectually and emotionally processed.


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