Survey Sampling / Sample

For "sample only" projects we provide samples from our proprietary online research panel, primarily for online surveys, compiled in accordance with your target group specifications.

Initially you send us your request for quotation specifying the required target group. We will process your RFQ, check our database whether we can meet your sample requirements and send you a quote for sampling only.

Once comissioned, you provide us with a test link to the study. You are welcome to program and host the questionnaire yourself using a system of your choice. We will check your questionnaire and program survey access for our sample participants.

We then send our respondents an invitation by e-mail. The invitation informs our participants about the length of the questionnaire and the incentive. We usually carry out an initial screening process to filter out suitable participants. A sample of respondents meeting your specifications is then given access to your questionnaire. After the survey was taken, you just redirect the repondents to a sepcial end page we provide you with.

Once the required sample size has been collected, you let us know that we can close the sampling and take the survey offline. We will care about the incentives for the sample respondents.

Important to know: You only pay for sample participants having sucessfully filled in the complete interview! You can get a rough idea of our attractive pricing structure for sampling on the Prices page.

Easy procedure for supplying respondents

The description below shows you, how we usually deliver pure-sampling to the online-survey hosted by you:

Step 1: Links to the survey

The client provides a link to the survey, e.g.

Step 2: Passing parameters to the external survey

We add one parameter to the client’s link, the participant’s panel ID:{xxxxxxxx}

Step 3: Performing the survey

The survey is carried out by the client.

Step 4:
Return and notification of interview status...

After the survey, the client directs participants to our URL and notifies us of the interview status, so that we can realise the participants’ incentives:{status}&eid={xxxxxxxx}

Alternatively we support static redirects without passing back the respondent id.

If redirecting is not possible in genereal, the client needs to send us a list of participant IDs and interview status. For most common survey tools (like Questback, Unipark, LimeSurvey, SoSciSurvey, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo etc). we have also specific descriptions for simplification.


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