Consumerfieldwork GmbH

Consumerfieldwork GmbH (=LLC) is an independent fieldwork agency and delivers high quality online research panel services for market researchers, universities, independent research institutes and international sample purchasers.

Quality from our online panel
Since 2006 we build up and maintain our online market research panel The extremely high response rate of 40% and the very high answering quality is owed to active panel management and rigorous quality control. For us our panelists our are the main focus. No river sampling, no sample brokerage, no community, no direct marketeing, no survey router! We believe the answering quality of our panel is higher compared to some large international mass panels.

We keep our promises
When working with our clients, reliability for sample delivery is very important for us. Before bidding we judge if we can do the project and estimate the feasibility from our online research panel. In case we foresee difficulties, we will always try to tell you IN ADVANCE.

Last, but not least: Price matters!
We are a pure online panel and not a "general store". As online fieldwork is our one and only business segment, we work efficiency optimized and fast. And at attractive prices. Our special focus is directed to new customers and small projects:

  • No Project Minimum!
  • High quality online panel since 2006
  • Transparent standard rate card published!

Please try us out and simply send a request for quotation by email: You will receive a fast and friendly answer, even for small projects. We will be happy to convince you of our performance, reliablity and the high data quality from our panel!

Fieldwork only

We are a fieldwork agency and panel sampling provider, but not a full service market research institute. Consulting is limited to fieldwork related methodological questions regarding sampling, targeting and survey conduction. Questionnaire development or data interpretation is not part of our services.



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